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Take Your Turn

01 May 2010
by Hovnan Baghdasaryan

"Can I take your picture?" I asked some card-playing grandpas. "No, you cannot," said one of them who appeared later to be their leader, or more correctly, the most talkative.
"Why can't he?" my father, who was standing beside me, asked.
"Where are you from," asked the same grandpa.
"From Yerevan."
"But why are you demolishing our factories?"
For a moment we were very surprised and didn't know how to respond.
"It's because of those demolished factories that for the whole day we sit under this wall and don't know how to pass the time."
"Take your turn," said the Grandpa next to him.
?But the first grandpa went on with his speech.
"Because you're continually complaining that the Turks committed Genocide, but if you hadn't allowed it, they wouldn't have done it. You know, right? that the Turks are Mongols. They came in the 10-something-eth century to conquer Armenia."
"I'm telling you to take your turn. We’ve all heard the story you're telling."
"When will you learn that it’s not all related to commerce?"
And that grandpa spoke for a long time, so I had time to take a few pictures. When we were leaving my father said that he would come back and make a movie about these men. The verbose grandpa became excited and said that he could fly from rooftop to rooftop like Tarzan

13 years old