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The Cheerful Bag

02 May 2010
by Anna Badalyan

It was the first lesson. I wanted to take my book out of my bag but there was no trace of it. I looked at my classmates in surprise and said:
"Armen, give me my bag."
"I have not taken it," answered Armen.
I looked at Artavazd.
"I haven't taken it either."
They all started blaming one another roundabout.
The teacher got angry.
"Do return Anna's bag immediately!"
Suddenly we heard Hayarpi say:
"Perhaps you've left it at home, Anna."
For a moment I glanced at my friend reproachfully but then I asked the teacher to let me go home. On my way I thought about whether the bag was at home or it was a joke on the part of my classmates which wouldn't work. When I got home I found out my bag was really there...
It's worth mentioning that I then apologized to my friends about the bag.