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02 May 2010
by Narine Daneghyan

"Future! Hey, Future! What's going on on this street? Where is this noise coming from?"
I don't like it when people make noise. I prefer silence. That is the reason why I have chosen this very house, which is right at the crossing of SILENCE and CALMNESS streets. Nearly nothing happens here. The houses are noise protected. Everything is noise protected in this quarter, even trees and parks. I have always dreamt of a place like this. Now things have changed.
"Future! Hey, Future!"
Future is approaching me at a slow pace. It is my friend, my robot, my assistant.
"What happened, Future?"
"Don't worry… although it's really strange. Grass and a flower called a violet have grown in one of the gardens near here. People are hurrying to see the marvel. So, that is why it is very noisy."
"What you're saying doesn't make any sense at all. Grass, flowers, soil… they disappeared hundreds of years ago. We only learn about these things from textbooks."
Soon my friend's excited face appeared on the computer screen.
"Have you heard already?"
"I have…"
"You live near the place where these things are happening. You can send Future to fetch the grass, the flower and the soil. People from the institute will surely come to destroy these things. We must hurry. ...You'll be able to protect them in your house."
"Suppose, Future went there. How can it steal the grass, flower and soil? How can it escape so many people? ... We'll see... "
I sat nervously in the armchair.
"What do you think, Future?"
"I will try."
Future went out. I approached the window and saw people walking back…maybe the plant extinguisher brigade had already arrived. I was impatient waiting for Future to come back. I was so worried they would catch him. It was better not think about him at all.... They'd make me pay taxes for breaking the law and what's worse they'll take Future, MY Future, to the extermination institute.
"Come on, where are you Future, my dear friend?"
I could see Future's face. He was asking for help. Maybe he had run out of batteries... poor Future... What can be done? My friend is in need... I can't call Robot Repairs Booth... I will help you, just wait a bit. I am coming.
I went downstairs, took Future in my hands and hurried on since I could hear the voices of exterminators approaching.
"Great, you did it! Now, wait a bit... wait dear. I will change your batteries..."
Future's eyes sparkled; he held the flower, grass and a handful of soil in his iron palm.
In a minute we were back at home. I sat delighted and happy in my armchair and stared at the violet and the green grass. It's so great that we could save this MARVEL.
Tomorrow people will be discussing the strange disappearance.
"This victory needs a mention. What do you think Future?"

Narineh Daneghyan,
12 years old