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The smell of indifference

02 May 2010
by Lusine Hakobyan

"Children, Yeghishe Charents is one of the greatest Armenian poets. He..."
"Did you see the episode yesterday? I bet you don't know what happened."
There is a dull murmuring in the classroom but it isn't children's voices.
"...if he only wrote the poem 'Sweet flavored speech of Armenia...' "
"...yes I told him to leave that girl."
The murmuring increases and the noise is getting louder.
"...and here are Saroyan's words..."
"...pass this note, please..."
The murmuring goes on and the air starts to smell strange. The teacher recites some more of Charents. I wonder who is listening.
The murmuring becomes more distinct, the smell heavier.
"Children, stop talking there."
"What smell is this?"

It is the indifference that has penetrated in through windows and wall cracks with its murmuring and stink.

15 years old