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For Love

02 May 2010
by Venera Grishyan

"Come my children, come inside," said a woman close to 25 years old. These words were surprising to me because they weren't exactly pressing. A little later we became acquainted and she very sincerely told me about her problems.
"I completed medical school. I really enjoy being a doctor. 10 months ago I lived in Yerevan. Then I got married. Here and the city are completely different. Yerevan was free; I could do whatever I wanted. But here... at night I want to go out with my husband, take walks, but, you see, there's only one park and it's very dirty. In the city there are many parks and coffeehouses. But here I'm always in this same room. I want us to move back to the city but my husband's mother is buried here and my husband doesn't want to be that far from his mother's grave. Basically I live in Nor Hajn for love.

12 years old