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An Episode from Maria's Life (About Me)

03 May 2010
by Christine Sargsyan

At the restaurant go right, then left and straight. On the left-hand side are two schools attached to one another with a common yard. Yes, and that second school is ours. It's a good one, no? Now look at the neighboring school and its condition—and then look at our school. Ours is pretty; it even has a water fountain inside. Yes, yes you heard right, we've got a water fountain inside our school. Right next to the water fountain we go upstairs and...
"Oh! The principal! You see! We're late to class! Now what do we do, Asya?" I asked nervously.
"Come on, let's very calmly pass by."
We walked by carefully—
"Stop for a moment," came the voice of the principal.
"Why, hello, Ms. Vanesian."
Meet our principal, Silva Vanesian. She's a good person; we don't know why we're a little afraid of her.
"And why are you late?" she asked us in a stern voice. "But we're not late," Asya threw out at her with a smooth tongue.
"She's right, we've come an hour early," I added to get her out of her bind.
"So the rest of the students are an hour and a half early. Why are you late?" the principal retorted angrily.
"Look, Ms. Vanesian, according to my watch it's 8 o'clock," Asya said showing the principal her watch.
"What does it show? That you haven't adjusted it for the time change? The entire population of 488 students came at the right time but the pair of you came late."
"Fine, okay, we're very sorry, please let it slip," said Asya putting on an innocent face to persuade the principal.
"I'll let it go under one condition, if you can tell me when the city of Nor Hajn was founded, and when our school was founded."
"What?" muttered Asya.
"I'm listening…" said the principal in a serious tone.
"Nor Hajn was founded in 1959 and our school in 1960," I said.
"You're right, and you're lucky that you're clever. Now you're free."
It's a good thing I attended the class about the story of our city.

14 years old