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The "Manana" Youth Educational Cultural Center is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1995. The center brings together people of different ages and interests, who are all educators, irrespective of their main profession, and are deeply concerned with children's issues. Most of the members of the organization have previously worked with or for children in groups or individually, trying to relieve them from the concerns and troubles of this very difficult period for our country.

The Center started its activities literally from nothing.  It began in a one-room apartment where the first classes took place on the floor. There was no in-kind or financial support, and no expectations to ever acquire any. The deep awareness of the importance of this new undertaking, and the sheer enthusiasm of the teachers, were the basis of everything. The Center’s most valuable resource today still lies in its talented and devoted members, volunteers, parents, and students, whose numbers grow each year.