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We do not draw boundaries between the able and the disabled, the poor and the rich, or the talented and the "just average" children. All children are equally important and deserve due care. Each child should be given the opportunity to fully realize his or her interests and develop his or her abilities.

In our opinion, the aim and objective of modern education should be the teaching of specific skills and abilities, not only the simple sharing knowledge. Education should be aimed at developing children's imaginations, teaching them how to analyze and generalize, to form an adequate perception of the world, and to have an opinion and to be able to appreciate and comprehend the opinions of others. The ability to create something by oneself is the most important human ability. That ability either develops during one's childhood, or it is destroyed. This is the reason we place so much importance on non-formal education.

We respect children. It is one of our principles to do our absolute best for children. We speak with them as equals. We consider their opinion seriously.

We are confident that adults have as much to learn from children as the latter have to gain from the former. We do not only teach children, but we work with them as a team. All of our programs are the results of inter-generational cooperation.