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Exhibition "Under the same Sun"

(15 years old) Republic Square at Night
(13 years old) About Cars and People
(14 years old) One Window, Two Windows, Three Windows...

Crisis and Hope: Commended Photos

Women from Ujan village, Armenia, are making food both for their families and for selling.
Maria lives with her mother in a dormitory. Her mother has a fatal disease. Maria has no one else in her life.
Because of the unemployment, people from Nor Hajn earn for living by selling everything they can. Even their own clothes.

Crisis and Hope: Winner Photos

Little Davit doesn't want to sell his toy car and dreams of owning a big, real car one day.
All these papers are announcements about selling something.
She goes to school in the morning and then comes to the temples in the afternoon to sell flutes to the tourists.

Documenting the Lives of the Children of Nor Hadjin

15 years old
15 years old
11 years old